JOY contributes blankets in prison

On 9th of February JOY has contributed blankets to the prison in Dulikhel. Especially during the cold season inmates have to face difficult conditions in prison. Therefore JOY as well as NAFA and BESDEC have been contributing blankets to the people in prison.


Computer Contribution

On 1st of January 2010 JOY has started the new year well off by donating and distributing 9 computer to Nepal Traditional Handicraft Training Centre. Through this donation JOY wants to help to preserve and transfer traditional handicraft making skills.

Computer literacy training for women.

From August to November 2009 a computer literacy training for women was held in cooperation with Youth Managed Resource Centre (YMRC) at Sankhu. Many women in Nepal esp. in remote parts have no access to computer or internet. Many possibilities arise with the right use of these facilities. Knowledge, information, exchange can be provided through internet. The world becomes apparently very small and close. Nevertheless knowledge on the use of computer or internet is required. Through the training 25 women gained experiences on the benefits of the internet.

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