Joy – Tilganga Eyecamp Program


28TH JAN – 1ST FEB 2020 

Joy foundation Nepal is a non-governmental social organization duly registered with  Kathmandu District administrative office and other governmental line agencies as  prescribed by Nepal government. Since its establishment, JOY along with Nepal Australia  friendship association (NAFA), Queensland has actively participated in many Eye care camps  organized by Tilganga Institute of Ophthalmology in different parts of the country. 

Since 1996- 8772  people got their sight restored and 75000 people have received various eye-care treatments through the support of JOY and partners. JOY has been supported eye camps fully as well as partially by donating food or medicines. The remuneration of specialist and support services is donated voluntarily during these camps.

Joy Foundation Nepal along with Nepal Australia Friendship Association in cooperation with  Tilganga hospital organized a Free eye checkup and Cataract surgery camp every year.  With an aim of providing eye care facilities to the under privileged communities, the camp  was conducted with a primary purpose to identify patients of curable blindness and treat or  improve their eyesight. After the screening, the patients who needed treatment and  cataract surgeries were followed up and treated at sight. 

The cataract suffering caused by blindness deeply affects the family of each unfortunate,  blinded individual especially in the rural areas of Nepal, with restored sight many people  could return to work and to traditional roles in their families and societies. We are very  fortunate enough to help such individuals to bring them back to life with big bright smiles  on their faces. Joy Foundation Nepal and NAFA would like to heartily thank all the doctor’s and all  the team members from Tilganga Hospital along with volunteers for immense support and  coordination in making this camp a big success. 

Key Results of EYE CAMP 2020 :  To sum up, the results of our campaign a total number of 2500 patients were treated  throughout. Out of which 625 people were operated and was happy with our treatment. Free eye drops and powered glasses were also distributed during the camp. Such initiatives are helpful for poor people who cannot afford expensive procedures and  medicines. A total team force of 25 active volunteers from Joy Foundation Nepal and Tilganga  hospital participated in this camp.