Inauguration of Ek EK Paila Community Health Center,

Joy Foundation Nepal is proud to be one of the Founding Member of Ek Ek Paila Community Health Center. “The establishment of the Ek Ek Paila Community Health Center has marked Ek Ek Paila’s 20th ‘paila’ or step. It’s been a long road since Ek Ek Paila (Non-Profit Organization) took the 1st ‘Paila’ in 2015 after the devastating earthquake. The organization  is committed to address the medical needs of our fellow Nepalese residing in rural areas of Nepal in the days ahead.


Our President Mr. Raju Shrestha, IPP Mr. Babu Kaji Shrestha & Ex- Vice President Mr. Amir Hada participated in the inauguration program.

For more information please visit the Facebook Page of Ek Ek Paila.