Tawel Visit 2019

JOY has provided Pratika Shakya for NAFA Field work activities 21st -27th Feb (2 days travel and 5 days camping Tawal involving 23 visitors from Australia, Spain and Belgium):
Translator for Deb Setterlund in co-ordinating women tailors cutting and sewing tote bags
Translator and co-facilitation with Deb Hilly Women’s Group Meeting
Translator and co-facilitation with Rod Women’s Financial Literacy Program
Translation of financial literacy documents
Translator and advisor for Deb in managing role of Rebika Lama Tamang, Social Mobiliser, Tawal. 
Provided in field training for Rebika regarding reporting methods and duties.
Liaison between NAFA members and dental doctors regarding Dental Health program activities.
Assistance with follow up of students involved in grades 1- 4 toothbrushing program
Assistance with review of Dental Health community education program.
Attendance at School opening ceremonies: Kutal, Ladap and Tawal.
Attendance at puja Tawal Gompa.