well Installation

JOY has successfully installed a well at Khokana Municipality, Lalitpur, Nepal. Khokana is also among those places where massive earthquake damaged 95 percent of houses on 25th April 2015. The total numbers of houses in these wards are 843. And the total populations in this ward are 5,314.. Similarly, 536 houses damaged, 307 houses cracked, 10 people death and 23 people injured.

The main objective of the installation of well is to facilitate water for the various purposes where as water is more important for the daily basis and massive earthquake damages most of the wells at Khokana as well.

The well has been handed over to the Campaign for Sustainable Community Development Nepal (CSCD Nepal) and community people on 3rd of October 2016.  JOY would like to heartily thank to MUN MUN for supporting us to install well.

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