Certificate Distribution Program

JOY Foundation Nepal has launched various programs for the benefit of disadvantaged and discriminated people in our community.

JOY Foundation Nepal, National Association of the Deaf & Hard of Hearing and Synergy Nepal Jointly organized Certificate Distribution Program to honor the participants of Skill Development Training Program jointly run by three organization on 5th February, 2012.

The Skill Development Training Program has been launched to provide certain skills, so that deaf & hard of hearing people could generate some income and be financially independent. The training has been provided in the following areas:

a. Computer Graphic Designing Training                          45 days course

b. Sign Language and Interpreter Training                       4 + 2 month

c. Shiatsu (Japanese Massage) Training                             1 month

d. Paper Bag Making Training                                            1 day

All together 18 deaf & hard of hearing people successfully completed the training program. The trainees of different program share their experience and they believe that they can work independently to earn their livelihood. One of the invitee who is a doctor, who also participated in sign language training for few days, is of opinion that every hospitals and medical clinics should have at least one sign language interpreter to give proper medical service to the deaf & hard of hearing community. We have attached herewith some photographs for your ready reference.