Julian Sieverding

Since nearly three weeks I am back in Germany, after having spent nine months working as a volunteer in Nepal. Reflecting my time abroad I recognize the variety of possibilities, which were offered to me. I was able to see many different places of this beautiful country, experience the hospitality of at first unknown people and work together with motivated and willing people. I was quiet lucky to get that huge offer of impressions and I was even luckier to find an organization which was supporting me the best way they were able to. The Joy Foundation Nepal was more than a formal organization which was responsible for me. Because of the familiar relation I had with most of the staff, it never felt like I was going to an office when I had problems. I was going to people who were caring for me, who tried to find proper solutions. This case is not a normal situation for a volunteer in Nepal. I heard of some other German volunteers how their organizations were caring for them and this was no comparison to the help and support I received from Joy Foundation Nepal. A fact is that the whole development policy in Nepal is not handled well. Some of the NGO’s are hunting for big funds from abroad, whether they are arriving in form of volunteers or checks. They don’t care who is coming, as long as he or she is good for the budget.

In my case they were interested in my person, they offered me possibilities to engage myself in some projects, they tried to make use out of my abilities, even when I have just finished school and couldn’t offer that much of experience.
In the end I am grateful having received the support and help of the Joy Foundation Nepal.

Julian Sieverding(Germany).Sept. 2009 to May 2010 as a Volunteer at Youth Managed Resource Centre in Sankhu