Water Filter Distribution in Kavre

Budhakhani village in Kavre is heavily affected by the earthquakes of April and May 2015 as well as by the subsequent after-shocks. Houses are destroyed and people still live outside in tents and temporary shelters without any proper water purification techniques. Many inhabitants of the area are suffering from problems related to poor water quality. There’s a lack of filtration systems and use of disinfection methods.

JOY distributed 2 water tanks (500 liters and 1000 liters) and 1 set of Paul water filter (capacity 1200 liters per day) to the 160 students including teacher and villagers of Shree Thakuristhan Lower Secondary School-5, Budhakhani on 10th June 2016. This water filter has special quality which can remove bacteria and virus by 99.99%, up to 99.99999%, certified by UBA, Federation Environmental agency, Germany. This means children and villagers don’t have to fear different water borne disease every day anymore.

Filter distribution done by JOY and individual donor Mr. Sampanna Manandhar to bring smiles on children and villagers’ faces. “Many of us had never used water filter before. We were unaware about the problem of unsafe drinking water in our community. Thank you JOY team and donor for providing us with water filter”, said Mr. Pradip Magar, president of Shree Thakuristhan Lower Secondary School.

JOY would like to thank the donor Mr. Sampanna Manandhar for helping us in post earthquake recovery activities.

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